In My Heart You'll Always Be

March 6, 2010
By ReneetheGreat PLATINUM, Castle Rock, Colorado
ReneetheGreat PLATINUM, Castle Rock, Colorado
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Wherever I go, whatever I see,
In my heart you’ll always be.

You sang me to sleep and nursed me to bed.
I loved you the most when you kissed my forehead.

You fought through the tears and you never gave in.
If “Best Mom” were a contest, I know that you’d win.

You took me out shopping, and watched as I laughed.
The way we had fun was always a craft.

You taught me to dance, you taught me to sing.
You showed me the joy that this life can bring.

You told me I’m pretty, I never was zero.
What I haven’t told you is, you are my hero.

Wherever I go, whatever I see,
In my heart you’ll always be.

When life moved on, and child became teen,
You proved that your shoulder is a place I can lean.

When I became stubborn, and slammed my own door,
I knew that you loved me- the way your heart tore.

One day I’ll move out, go fly on my own.
Your love is the greatest that I’ve ever known.

You are my mom, but you always were more.
I know when I leave, from your nest I’ll soar.

You are a queen, you deserve your own crown.
Until the day that I die, I hope I never let you down.

Wherever I go, whatever I see,
In my heart you’ll always be.

No matter how long, no matter how far.
When you look to the sky, remember your star.

It’s time to let go, but never forget.
The times that we shared, I’ll never regret.

Times can be hard, and there’s been some strife,
But the warmth of your embrace has saved my own life.

When the world turned away and let my heart fall,
I looked to my mom, she answered my call.

You always were there, and I’ll love you forever.
You are my mom, my friend, my treasure.

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