March 21, 2010
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A picture of a moment—
Click, and it’s gone.
But I’ve frozen time
With a silent photograph
Imprinted in my mind.

But this image is all I have
I turn around and it changes—
Now—click, click, click, click—
The flashes don’t blind me
I’m only scared of what
A picture may depict.

I leaf through my memories,
And try to stay calm,
To develop the film.
The first sprinkles of light
Give me hope in a darkroom.

The present is where I can smear
A mistake with the wave of my hand.
This moment, broken—
A ruined photograph.

And as I stand here waiting,
Clutching but a piece of film
The pictures keep on changing
While I hold this moment in my hand
Until the photograph fades—

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