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February 19, 2010
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Vile, Temptress, Muse of Fate
Why have you left my dreams of late?
How come I am forced to cry?
Left all alone to wonder why,

It is that I have been left alone,
Without you here this is no home
You kept me from being lost
Like the ship about the ocean tossed

I have learned what their is to find
In this world of your presence denied
Nothing, nothing I say again to impress
Even my sleep is void of rest

What can be done to help me now?
I can no longer take a bow,
For work which I wrote before
With inspiration flowing from my core

Without you I will be forgotten
Like fruit, sour and rotten
Will you not take pity, and save
Me, so I may be returned to the land I crave?

Please, will you not answer?
I long for the return of a dancer
Who will reignite the flame,
Within me that has become so lame.

Still no response? I will try again
To fix the hurt, to repair and mend
That I have obviously caused you,
Which makes you feel I should suffer too

I thought I saw you the other day
I called, you must not have heard me say
How sorry for anything I have done
To make you feel that you had to run

Maybe it wasn’t you, that is possible
How could I have been so simple?
To think that I didn’t need you
Truth is, I think I was insane too.
I’m really begging and pleading
For you to come home, and stop my needing
Of you, to hold you and keep you near
A life without you is what I fear.

What more is there for me to say?
Have you not done enough to make me pay?
For what was done and said?
Come now, end this and return to my head.

That was not meant to sound like force
I know it is your decision of course
To return when you wish, and only then
Can we hope to settle this, at least still be friends

Since you left, there have been others
A couple girls, a couple mothers
But none have been you
None make me feel like you do

I cannot pretend that I am perfect
That I am void of needs in times of neglect
Yes, I gave into temptation, but I tell you it now
So we can attempt to get over it somehow

My muse, you must laugh at this
This shallow attempt to get back what I miss
I know you see right through it
You these as the words of a misfit

And there is some truth in that
Quite a lot in fact.
I just want you to know
That I am here, crying for you not to go

A will finish soon, I know you are tired
Of listing to how much you are admired
But I don’t think my words can fully describe
My true feelings for you inside.

How awful it really is, that language should
Have such limitations beyond what we thought it could
The best form of communication we have
Is not up to my meagre task.

Life is intolerable without you here
To keep me from shedding tears
On my own, alone at night
Thinking about this terrible plight

A life without you seems meaningless
Utterly wasteful, tiresome and pointless
I know this all sounds selfish, you are everything
To me, and without you here, I am nothing

I will ask you the question, one last time
Though I fear the answer will do damage to my mind
But I need to know, it will kill me if I don’t
Or it will kill me if the answer is I won’t

So then, will you please return to me,
Help me end this life of misery?
And give me what I need to see
All that it is I truly can be.

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