Full Moon

February 9, 2010
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It all started on a stormy winter’s night, a night that would change everything.
They met by shear coincidence.
She was young, and he was young, but they knew they must be together.
Even when they were separated, by war, by mountains, by oceans, they always
knew where their other part of their soul was.
“Meet me at the full moon” he wrote.
“Meet me at the full moon”
She took off. Nothing would stop her from being with him.
Pleading old ladies, rich men, not even battle would delay her.
“Meet me at the full moon”
It was beginning to snow; yet the young betrothed lass soldiered on.
Toe high, thigh high, chest high she plundered on, the twilight ended, night began.
The darkness didn’t frighten her. She was warm with love coursing through her veins.
She had the full moon to guide her.
White light directed her to her destination, as if she needed it to know her way to her love!
“Meet me at the full moon”
Suddenly, a wave of shock went through her whole body, shaking her to the bone.
She couldn’t feel him anymore!
Running, a pack of wolves couldn’t have stopped her- nothing could- but then again it never had. There was a hill; the snow had frozen solid there so she didn’t have to wade through it.
She found him lying in a circlet of trees, blood stained, life gone.
If only she had been there a minute sooner!
There was a red rose in his hand- contrasting beautifully against the white snow on which it lay.
The cheated lover heard footsteps retreating. Mad stricken, the maiden only wanted revenge.
But that wasn’t to be.
After a few steps, she tripped, falling into a river.
It dragged her down, its icy water offered relief from the torture of life.
So she let it.
Her throat burned- she had no oxygen left, her hands clasped it, as if that would stop the pain.
But her last thought was “I love you, I’ll be with you soon” And she was happy.
She closed her eyes, and there he was!
The burning in her throat ceased, but then again, she hadn’t noticed it, not really; it was a small price to pay for love.

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