Wish For This

February 2, 2010
after 11:11, either night or day
do you find yourself hope? do you find yourself pray?
be, in that moment, all you can be
let thoughts and desires escape and break free
you have only a minute to ask for it all
climb higher and higher, disregard the fall
for when your time has come and passed
you can’t expect those fantasies to last
so imagine my fortune, my genuine surprise
to see these hopes happen before my eyes
who knew a single day could turn out like this
an opportunity anyone would be crazy to miss
do you wish for things that seem out of reach
like a student aspiring to educate and teach?
be assured that no obstacle is ever too high
without leaving the ground how will you learn to fly?
so in this moment forget your doubt and concern
because it’s feelings like these that we deserve to earn

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