February 2, 2010
what is this feeling that comes from within?
not visible through features but beneath flesh and skin
a shortness of breath, a quickened pace of the heart
where does the seed of this emotion start?
there is a risk of pain and warning of tears
but how will we grow without beating our fears.
it’s like the hesitation prior to taking a chance
pretend no one’s watching, let go and just dance.
like flame to a fire that recedes into dust
there’s something invisible that triggers this lust.
an attraction that simply can not be denied
a person to trust, someone whom i can confide.
when i can be honest and never pretend
because that’s the real meaning of being a friend.
i hope you can see honesty, effort and time
i know we’ll go far if you believe we can climb.
so try something new, cross the forbidden line
step over the edge into these arms of mine.
plummet farther and farther from the border of doubt
‘cause this is an emotion you can’t live without.

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