One Moment

February 2, 2010
do it so you won’t regret
lack hesitation, you will not fret
cause every decision that you make
could be a benefit or mistake
be impulsive and make your choice
speak wile you still have your voice
seconds pass and time goes by
but do not question, don’t ask why
because anything you want to know
will not be learned until you grow
i don’t mean height or weight or age
i mean knowledge gained after every stage
because after all classes and every lesson
you’ll be able to witness the steady progression
whether you take a left or right
do not fear, you cannot fright
you could be a victim of your decision
be independent without supervision
but even if you don’t come out on top
you must never give up and refuse to stop
whether the choice was right or wrong
the aftermath won’t last for long
correct actions are the ones you’ll remember
teach you more than school in September
if its life that you are fiening
then dig down deep, you’ll find its meaning
live life now, the essential component
cause all we have is this one moment

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