In Remembrance of Donald Woods and Steve Biko

January 19, 2010
“If you do run fast enough, if you do survive, you grow up in these streets, these houses. Your parents thrive, but in the end you only get the education the white man will give you. Then you go to the city to eat to shop and you see their streets, their cars, their house and you begin to feel that there is something not right with yourself. Something to do with your blackness, because no matter how dumb or smart a white child is, he is born into their world, but you, the black child, smart or dumb you are born into this and smart or dumb you will die in it.” – Steve Biko; describing a black township.

“You are saying ‘you’; do not blame all the whites for apartheid.” – Donald woods

My Brother’s Voice

The South African grasses bend in the wind
But not so easily will I be pinned
We have both been banded
To not speak, we have been commanded
The law may be on your side
But never will I allow justice to stand on the outside
Dear friends we have become
Now listen to the funeral drum
Biko, has left this world and I have a story to tell
If need be, against everything I will rebel
Slipping through the boarders
Denying all orders
Putting my family in great danger
To inform the world of a magnificent life changer
All is well, we have made it
I, Donald Woods, this book to Biko’s life I commit
Now I can rejoice
For I have been my brother’s voice!

“We do not want to be forced into your society. I am going to be me as I am and you can beat me, jail me or even kill me. But I am not going to be what you want me to be.” Steven Biko

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