Toss, Thrust, Throw

December 19, 2009
By Yireda Jilili BRONZE, Chantilly, Virginia
Yireda Jilili BRONZE, Chantilly, Virginia
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Toss, Thrust, Throw
In bed at night
Mind never silent
But body too weak to fight
Slowly encompassed in dark
Shadows follow the mind
Lost in thoughts of life
Every turn, a surprise to find
Hope is lost
But the mind still wanders
Happiness is near
The heart hopes and ponders
Toss, Thrust, Throw
The sadness inside
Fight through the pain
They say life’s a ride
Stuck in that zone
Where tears dance
But a breakthrough is possible
There must be a chance
Replace the tears with sweat
Hard work has its place
It won’t show now
But still my goals I chase
So Toss Thrust Throw a punch
It’s called trying
Because doors open
Even if others are closing

The author's comments:
Sometimes, everything just frustrates me so much, and I feel like I really don't want to try any more. That's why I wrote this, to give myself and whoever reads it a little boost. It's pretty much like, hey I feel pretty crappy but I know that I have to keep trying, I can't just give up because the millions of other times I didn't would then go to waste. It's like a wake up call, and I hope everyone who reads it can see it like that too.

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