The Ballad of a Teenage girl

November 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Lucy was 16 livin in

a world of dreams day
to day in love with Bobby Joe

never loosing her way except…

When she lit that joint and swallowed

that shot thinking she was…
invincible telling Bobby Joe

the pot is what she loved

At school she was a normal girl

head cheerleader on top
of the world fakin the world

every friday night game

By night she was smokin that pot

Takin that shot her parents
Divorced was killin her inside deep

Wakin up hot and hazy

One day it was too much to take

Her boyfriend left her in
The dark no one was around to

make sure she was ok

Lucy was alone no one there

Just the booze and the weed
So she lit a joint and pour a

Shot just the last for it

This time she went too far ten shots

5 joints so she went in a
Corner and cut one after one

Lucy died that night all alone……

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