Farewell Noble King

December 17, 2009
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Farewell Noble King

The King’s reign was glorious and noble,
It’s state marked by beauty not by conquest.
His wisdom was beyond compare,
Until that serpent became his guest.

The wise old monarch had grown weary,
And his pet snake stole away his throne,
Even as the great king still sat,
So old and thinned down to the bone.

With a favor the snake stole his heart,
With an idea he stole his mind,
With a potion he took his health,
And now my king is too far-gone to find.

From across the sea I came to save him,
But was shocked by what I would find,
Not a kingdom but a wasteland,
Was all that the reptile left behind.

And so I gathered up my men,
And headed toward the beaten path,
But I didn’t see the awful truth,
To save my lord I’d have to face his wrath.

Out of the forest charged my kin,
Old friends and brothers alike,
Each’d been bitten by the snake,
Each believed in his reich.

Metal clashed and blood was shed,
Till only me and my brother stood,
He lunged for me so I chopped off his head,
And told myself I fought for good.

I rode for two days and slept for a night,
And slowly caught up to my king.
I spied him lying in the grass,
Chained and beaten by the thing.

Then moving towards my lord
I saw the serpent slithering ahead.
I drew an arrow from my quiver,
And placed it on the thread

I held in a breath and pulled back the string,
Eager to let the missile fly.
But then the snake grabbed him and said with a hiss,
“Shoot and your sire will die”

My frail king was already lost,
And the serpent had to be stopped,
With a tear in my eye I let the arrow fly,
And the snake and my king dropped.

The arrow was in the snake’s neck,
But the Reptile’d cut my lord’s throat,
I fell to the ground in dreadful grief ,
Struggling to keep my thoughts afloat.

My great king was dead,
With all the wisdom had he,
And as the sky turned grey I knew,
Gone was all prosperity.

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