where will we go?

November 20, 2009
It’s so intricate; I’m realizing

The foolishness...
I couldn’t explain it if I tried,
Couldn’t be angry if I cried... I don’t accept it, you lied,
But how could you steal my pride?

I thought I was falling,
Though evidently I’m not.
It was merely me thinking,
So it was no more than a thought.

It was simply the thought of you
That made me smile.
I realized it wasn’t
Really you after a while.

It’s like every time I give it some thought
I lose a little more feeling.
In due course those emotions will
Give back the time that they’re stealing.

You’ll never get the picture
If I don’t let you know,
But I don’t want to end it
Before it has time to grow.

Perhaps we’re both thinking
In an equivalent way,
But if we’re not, I’ll look brainless
And I don’t want to seem that way.

I think in the commencement we both
Felt the same, but then you started
Feeling less in that way, but I was feeling
More and more every single day.

Now I’m not exactly certain
What is going on,
Because every answer that I’m finding
Keeps turning out to be wrong.

It’s difficult for me to say this because
You probably feel the same way about me.
I’m not sure where I’m going with this,
But I do know that we’re not meant to be.

I don’t have to tell you that
Because I’m sure you already know,
But after I tell you this,
From there where will we go?

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