Moving Forward

April 6, 2009
By Shayna Renzulli GOLD, Easton, Pennsylvania
Shayna Renzulli GOLD, Easton, Pennsylvania
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I can move mountains with a flick of my wrist
All my thoughts become real when paper meets ink
Like when I met you I felt there’s so much to lose
So I cleaned up my act and I’m never looking back
Because tomorrow holds more than the day before
And every time I dream I know it’s waiting for me
And yea I’ve made mistakes, I can cry on a dime,
I’m far from perfect but I’d give you the time
And at my best I’m nothing like the rest
I can melt your heart with my poetic remarks
And if you take a walk with me
You’ll realize there’s more than the eye can see
My mind is with the stars it’s true
But hell is what I had to go through
To make it where I’m at today
I’m proud but I would never replay
I like where I’m going regardless of where I came from
‘Cause I’ve walked the path that most just run
I’ve held myself tall after the greatest of falls
And I’m still fighting today, it never goes away
But I can face it with a smile
Because I know in the end, it’s all worth while.

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