How Can I Cry?

April 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Through persecution, suffering and pain
My conscience drenched and covered in the infinite rain
Unhappily and unfortunately I remain to maintain a life that is vain
Reclaiming strength after the enemies successful scorn slain
My eyes dry like the deserts’ plain.
How Can I Cry?

Night upon night, struggle against demonic dreams
A veil of weakness and darkness overwhelms my screams
Shall it ever be revealed who stole my life’s gleam?
Content is my soul with wicked blasphemes and daydreams
My future is destined to never be redeemed.
How Can I Cry?

Remove my harden heart from this world nearby
Drown me with your forgiveness and permit me a fresh try
Silence these spirits that whisper lies then release your Spirit’s everlasting supply
The time has come nigh for my soul to say goodbye and journey the sky
Dear Lord, when will you reply? I must know
How Can I Cry?

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