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April 6, 2009
By Maya_D GOLD, Glenwood, Maryland
Maya_D GOLD, Glenwood, Maryland
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The harsh wind blows
Working against me
Pushing me back
Blowing away my hat
Footprints have engraved the unmapped snow
Painting a pattern behind them
A small part
Of who they are
Long, deep strides have stepped here
Leaving a pattern of confidence behind
They look strong, purposeful
Crushing the snow, leaving deep crevices behind
Small steps have walked here too
Though you have to look to see them
Light, gentle steps
No pattern but the outline
People walking the opposite direction
Not giving a care
About where the others are going
Not seeming like they know
Where they're going either
Do I?
Maybe I’m lost
Maybe my feet are leading me along
To that familiar place
I’ve never been
I look back
Not caring where I’ve been going
Just wondering where I’ve been
I see my trail
But I don’t recognize it
It’s lost in the maze of footprints
Of patterns of people
Of long strides
And gentle paces
Of cold steps

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