Her Final Journey

April 5, 2009
By Allison Emanus BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Allison Emanus BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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A woman stands in a brightly lit area.
There is no sky, no ground, nothing.
She is alone, but she is not alone.
A power far greater than anything that has ever existed is beside her,
Guiding her to a place where her old life is nothing but trash when compared.

Heaven, a voice whispers into her ear.
The woman smiles and begins walking into a random direction.
No, not random.
This path was chosen for her by the great power.
She walks and walks, yet she does not tire.

Her smile remains and people begin materializing beside her.
These people, not strangers, but familiar and close friends, walk with her.
On each side of her is a man who loves her more than anything.
After walking with these men beside her, she sees a light.
This light has no color, yet all colors in it at once.

The light brightens, welcoming her.
She steps forward, into it, the men that love her always beside her.
Welcome, says the voice from before.
The woman is surrounded, not by people, not by objects.
She is surrounded by happiness, an emotion that cannot take form.

She is surrounded by love, contentment, pleasure.
These emotions cannot be listed for there are far too many.
Still, she can feel them all at once.
She is suddenly younger, older, taller, shorter.
She is everything she wanted to be and everything she was.

She feels hands holding hers, arms intertwining with her.
The arms and hands of loved ones.
Mother, father, brother, sister, children, cousins.
People she knows and people she doesn’t, all filled with bliss.
The greater power leaves her, letting her enjoy only a piece of what awaits her.

The feelings disappear, but not completely, and settle behind her heart.
They will come forth again, but not now.
She walks forward again.
The great power envelopes her, taking her away.
She is flying, floating, walking, running, standing.

Then it stops, and her heart beats again.
As she opens her eyes a blinding flash explodes all around her.
She is not frightened.
She embraces the light, the love and peace of mind that is beneath it.
She opens her arms wide.

She steps forward one final time, guided by the hand of the greater power.
The power she knows as God.
This power that is greater than anything the human mind can imagine opens its arms to her.
It welcomes her and lets her join the world after life, the world where there is nothing but blessedness.
Ruth Lovell Sharp Walton steps into the arms of God, straight into the world of light.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem after attending the funeral of my great grandmother. This poem is dedicated to Ruth Lovell Sharp Walton. God be with her always and let her be filled with happiness while she walks forever through Heaven.

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