April 4, 2009
So blind.
So unfeeling.
Ears covered.
Shell in place.

Tap, Bump. Nudge.
Whisper, Wave.

Nothing felt.
Nothing heard.
Nothing seen.

Scream, Shout, Shove.

No reception.
No reaction.

Give me your
feet and

To cry on,
uplift me...

Don't speak.
And I'll hear you.

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AbigailGilgal said...
Jun. 3, 2014 at 8:59 pm
Super job! This poem rings so true. Words can be so empty, so meaningless. People can make promises and vows, but they mean nothing without actions backing them up. I loved how short and simple it was yet the message is so bold!
Katie T. said...
Aug. 7, 2009 at 9:01 am
Very good poem. I love it. It kind of shows how when you're depressed looks tend to speak louder than words. How words will just slip past, never heard. But when they look at you you can just see or feel what they want to say. Either that or I'm in the left feild of the superbowl with my badminton raquet again.
GigglyAmber said...
Jul. 25, 2009 at 3:05 am
Wow! I love this poem it's amazing. And I know how you feel by " talkers". You're a really good poet. Could you share some tips with me ??
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