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Mr. Breeze

May 3, 2018
By UmaTrivedi BRONZE, Nashik ; Maharashtra ; India, Other
UmaTrivedi BRONZE, Nashik ; Maharashtra ; India, Other
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I've been feeling quite alone ,
But I was accompanied by someone .
Or something that puts me to ease ,
But I had a wild guess and now I know it's the soothing breeze.

It's everywhere no matter where you are ,
Close to happiness or when it is far .
It doesn't bother nor does it scares you ,
All that it does is help you to change your memories into something soothing and new .

I feel cozy with it as it gives me a glance of something I've been thinking about ,
It runs its soft hand through my melanoid hair when I'm knocked out .
I feel it dances around me to show its presence ,
To help me forget all of the nuisance.

I think when I'm with my joviality it too smiles at me ,
Also , when I feel out of this world it gives me duplicate joy's key.
It blows cold when you see someone special,
I think its behavior is quite social .

It blows away my tears when I cry too hard ,
Which feels to me like I have lost a winning card .
No one else is there with you when you need them the most ,
And I know that it haunts us like an eerie ghost.
I'm thanking someone who hepled me grow my happiness trees ,
Thank you for letting me know that you are always there with me MR. BREEZE.

The author's comments:

This poem is based on simple concept :- we think and make oursleves sad that we are alone in our depressing circumstances..but a person who knows that an inanimate being like breeze etc. is always present with them (according to me ) makes them independent and self reliable.. THANK YOU FOR VISITING .

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