Fast Love

April 3, 2009
By merlyn BRONZE, Peterborough, New Hampshire
merlyn BRONZE, Peterborough, New Hampshire
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A door slams, the gears in a lock turn and click, the blue light of a match flashes in the dark and a candle is lit. We move slowly letting the darkness light our eyes. Your arms encircle me as I reach up to trace your jaw line with my lips allowing my tongue to taste the sweetness of yours. Our hands move with minds of their own, transverse rounded planes and sharp edges. Fingers lingering over soft mounds, brushing through crinkly hair. The heavy base of a grinding song plays incessantly in the background each pounding note another beat of our entwined hearts. The smell of whiskey is pungent on your skin and there is a cigarette still burning on the nightstand. We are lost together in the music, caught up by the moment. A darkly gold and shimmering light drapes itself portentously in and around us. With the pounding bass we make love, another drag off the cigarette and a kiss lingers cool and bitter on my mind. And as the whiskey in the plastic bottle gets lower, our passion grows stronger, until we lay, world spinning, covers lost and the once so important cigarette left forgotten to burn a hole through it’s plastic rest.

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