April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

Have you ever had the feeling
You were meant for something great?
But you just couldn't find it.
Maybe it was too late?

You can feel it in your heart.
It makes you keep trying
Because a life without it
Is pointless, there's no denying.

Like a sprinkle of magic
Falling from the sky
And you keep on asking
Is this truly mine?

The world tries to take it away
As sure as the sun will rise,
But it shines within
Locked away within your eyes.

Without the help of you
This gift will have no power,
Like a tool in the toolbox,
Or the minute in the hour.

A world without writing
Is destined to be tragic,
But it's the world in the writer
That truly holds the magic.

The author's comments:

this poem is about when i thought my gymnastics career was just something my parents put me into. But, when i started realizing i was liking the sport and i was good at it, i knew it was the sport for me and i loved it. I thought i was sprinkled with some magic that made me so good and now i compete at a outside club and im a top level boy gymnast.

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