April 25, 2018
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Come, friend.

I have an old story to tell you.


Do you know what it's like

to have all you've ever known


Do you know how scared you feel

when, on a sunlit Friday,

your life slowly falls apart?

Do you know how your mind 

fills with disbelief as your

eyebrows furrow together?

Do you know the shock

That everything will be different

From this moment on?


Your heart

breaks in half.

It's like the world collapses

and the universe splits in two.

It's like finding the worst secret

is true.

It's like staring all around you

At the fuzzy pink blanket

At their worried faces

At the unforgiving look

That your reflection 

Holds in your eyes.

You slowly stand up

glance back once more at-

no. That's not to be 

thought about.

As you run down the

Stairs and out the

Door of the blue house,

A feeling you've never had

Fills your lungs with poisonous air:



Now, months after the world

Shattered, I'm still here.

I'm still okay, though

Sometimes my heart breaks again.

The world is not perfect.

I am not either.

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