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Ode To Writing

April 25, 2018
By EyesofIris GOLD, South Burlington, Vermont
EyesofIris GOLD, South Burlington, Vermont
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Oh, writing,

How I love you!

With your eyes that I can

Fall and disappear into,

And your safe arms

I wrap myself up in.

Whether I'm readingĀ 

Or creating stories of my own

You're always my friend,

My love, even.

When I'm sad orĀ 

Stressed or tired of the world

I fold myself into your pages

And with a sprinkle of

Literary dust-

Away my problems go.

Writing, you are my love

And I hope we shall

Never be apart.

You let me release

The haphazard thoughts

Travelling around my mind.

You let me read your words

Soaking them in like water.

Your pages are my paradise.

Please, let us be apart no longer.

Each moment without you

Is dotted with tears

Where do I put my stress and fears?

But then you reappear

And I love you once more.

If we shall be apart any longer-

Oh! I might die at the thought.

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