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Finding the Answer

April 30, 2018
By Jherome BRONZE, Lipa,City, Other
Jherome BRONZE, Lipa,City, Other
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I am a man grew by my questions
Living and destined to go far and find an answer
Inland where everything hides their intentions
I'm here like finding a cure for a cancer
To my wicked quest with no such possession

The flitting seconds created and asking
While confused about everything around me
"Why I'm here, why I'm still living?"
Mysteries painted not inhuman in a spree
Mystifying in my hands, my mind unsparing

I'd tried to imitate them, but there's no clue
Still, a puzzle in me taunting eager inside
The end is littered, answers are few
Looking up above while hopes are getting lied
Like clouds towered in the sky crying so blue

I dwelled in an environment filled with rejections
As I can't find the natural me wherever
Though my uncleared reflection was scattered actions
And people ignore my standing doesn't alter
Till answers of my questions regard without visions

Weakened time lifted me through where am I
A place they thought my aim is where to be
Reasons for mine to live, old question debate me to tie
Named by death to me, calling me to see
As to behold the sacred light trying to rear so high

I finally cursed by nature ceasing the answers looking.
But no! Like I found the real answer to questions made a run
In my death, everything was the answer for life's bleeding
My quest is filled with certainty. And doubt is full-way done.
Questions have answered by the sense of natural keys we bring

The author's comments:

I was inspired by different youth who faces different questions and confusions. Like me, I had several questions and today, it so hard to understand and find the real answers.

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