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Dolos the Great

April 29, 2018
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Long, bony fingers play with my mind
Rearranging the pieces to fit their tastes
Mindplay and Manipulation in its truest form

I toss and turn in the dead of night
Voices make my head pound and blood rushes in my ears
Men in masks come and go

Insomnia is fueled by fear
I tell myself this and try to think of the good things
But no light can permeate the depths of my mind

No fire can ignite in a black pool of poison
No flame can survive in a void where there is no room to breathe
My soul is an inferno, infecting my heart and spinning out of control

Sanity is a feeble thing
Like a dove, it is fragile and easy to break
When you see the shattered bones on the floor, you do not regret

I thrive where thoughts are broken
I feel wild and untamed, because when rationality is thrown away
Your body has no restraint

I do what I please in the land of the free
Time is of the essence, but my essence has no bonds
But freedom always has a cost

When I return to bed I seek sleep
Unlike so many others, I do not pray for death, but for imprisonment
As I stare into the pitch black, I feel bony fingers prodding my mind

I am no more than a mere puppet
A looking glass for the unholy
And I must say that I do enjoy it

When I speak, black smoke pours out of my mouth
When I act, strings tied to my hands and feet twist and turn
I am not in control, and I love it

I have always craved release
And now I have found it
Become a figure-head, and all responsibility flies away like a dove

Security and health is all that I want, trust me
And living behind a mask does just that!
Having no laws to restrain you, no moral code, is a beautiful thing

Life is sweet and small, and crushing it in a gloved hand is just splendid
And when you are a puppet, small problems do not irritate you
All you have to do is smash them like they are little flies buzzing in your ears

My ears always ring and my throat is always sore
But problems like these are very inconsequential
My situation is one that I do not take for granted

Self destruction is always an option
But I would rather die than do that!
Haha, I would never give up this beautiful gift

Humans are fickle creatures, and this is why I have evolved into something better
Now, I am more like a king, or a lord, or a god
Yes, power is a nice thing to possess

Do not worry though, humbleness is a virtue of mine!
And I only tolerate small doses of corruption.
Power is a toy that I will not misuse

I would like to see how heaven looks one day
But I know that is only wishful thinking
I am most definitely going to Elysium, or maybe even the Isles of the Blest

I consider myself to be a rather good person
The dark controls me, but my heart is still golden
Like a bright sun illuminating and burning through withering bones!

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to fly?
I imagine in a metaphorical sense, I am doing it now
I am soaring; the strings on my back pulling me along from above

I’m like a sweet raven chirping happily in the branches
Of a nice olive tree or a rose bush
I crush my prey and it brings me satisfaction!

Toying with the concept of smoke and mirrors is exhilarating
Everyone lives behind a mask
But none as elaborate and perfect as mine

I can not WAIT for more strings to be tied
For black smoke to become my elixir
As I lay here tonight, the bony fingers rearranging my mind

I smile

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