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Life is Such a Broad Topic

April 23, 2018
By thatfangirl BRONZE, Paul, Idaho
thatfangirl BRONZE, Paul, Idaho
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Life is such a broad topic
With so many different views
Just like church
With all the wooden pews
Or the park
With all the childish toys
Or school
With all those stupid boys

But you grow up
Your views will change
You’ll find a church
People think you’re strange
You’ll play at a park
Whether old or small
And schools now gone
But he’s now your all

You’ll raise your kids
To join a church
And help them find
Their very own perch
They’ll play at the park
Be children but know
That school is important
And boys are a no

But they’ll grow up too
Their views might change
They might find a church
And praise gods name
But they’ll revisit that park
And remember those times
You showed them the world
And taught them what’s right

So before you grow
Make up your mind
To ignore the “no’s”
And choose what’s right
Cuz someday will come
When you’ll have your own life
With children to teach
What’s wrong and what’s right

The author's comments:

Having crappy parents and a crappy childhood really impacts your life. I would know.

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