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A guide: what you need to know about girls

April 13, 2018
By Selenasa12 BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
Selenasa12 BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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If you’ve gotta girl this may be in your
MOST interest to read this.
A guide on girls,
Everything you need to know
Even why they get mad at absolutely nothing.. Am I right tho?
We cry for no reason
And we’re SO dramatic
We happy dance when you give us food
And we’re hopeless romantics.
No, seriously, we have the biggest hearts out there,
But also get big attitudes and moods, I swear
This is no joke
This is not a drill
You better run
Just don’t give her that look like “are you mentally ill?”
We will say things we don’t mean
Like “I hate you” and “Leave!”
But I promise just stay and comfort us, please
But do you want to know the secret to us?
When we get in a mood or have an attitude
Don’t give up , and please include…
Ice cream or candy will do
Sweet talking is always good to,
We like to hear sweet things,
To know that you care as much as we do
Also DON’T FORGET an important one
Hugs and kisses, and an “I love you too”
We love being spoiled although we may deny it
But to admit
We love it
We may say “don’t worry about it one bit” or “ no, it’s okay, i’ll get it”
We like surprises and dinner dates
Like “dress nice and i’ll pick you up at 8”
Also spending quality time together
Like we’re stuck together like super glue
Even if it’s only for a few
We over exaggerate,
Like saying “I’m gonna die!’
“I haven’t had food since like uh..  July!”
And don’t get us started about how tired we are,
Because we will just say “I’m about to fall over because I’m so tired”
“I think I got .2 hours of sleep out of the 8 required”
If were ever in a mood
All you ever have to do is honestly just give us food
I promise you that we will waltz around the room
Twirling in circles and jumping in the air
As if we had just won the gold medal for figure skating somewhere
We will be so giggly like a child
Who just got their favorite toy from their favorite store aisle.
So overall were not hard to please,
We can just be complicated, moody, stubborn, dramatic, and drama queens

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