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The rain, you, and me.

April 23, 2018
By mksosa PLATINUM, South Plainfield, New Jersey
mksosa PLATINUM, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I can only write about the rain
And how much it reminds me of you
Your smile and your kiss and your eyes
Except that isn’t what makes me cry
Whenever I see the rain out there
I cannot stop the retrospection of you and me

I thought you were the one for me
The only one who would reign
Over my heart, just and fair. Oh, you there
On your mighty throne you
Made me smile, laugh, cry
And those tears burned my eyes

The rain falls like your empty I
Love You’s, pouring over me
And as hard as I try I cannot help but cry
Because when you left it was raining
And it was raining when I met you
And now the ghost of us is out there

Within the droplets there
Are our memories and your eyes
I cannot escape these thoughts. For you
Are everywhere and so it is hard for me
To forget you when it begins to rain
And so all I can do is cry

My heart always cries
Out for yours and their
Pain is always drowned out by the rain
Even Horus’s weathered eye
Could see the end of you and me
And still, I cannot stop thinking about you

The rain always reminds me of you
Our abandoned hearts still cry
Out in the night haunting me
With the infinite echo of their
Pain and so our eyes
Follow the sky and rain

Take me back to the night I met you
When it was cold and raining and I never thought to cry
In your arms but there is the true pain still falling from my eyes

The author's comments:

Written as a sestina.

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