But For Those Of Us

February 19, 2009
By Sarah Bryant SILVER, Prentiss, Mississippi
Sarah Bryant SILVER, Prentiss, Mississippi
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But for those of us
Who don’t live in reality
Keep your cynical opinions in rotation
Your beautiful smiles in contrast
To the hatred in your hearts
Your hard eyes
Those searching eyes
That become transparent
Stop the sugar water
That flows from your tongue
Dam it up
With the kind words you never said before
Keep pressing
Against the walls you’ve built around yourself
Where no one understands you
Spill the contents of your heart
All gibberish
Squshed up anguish
Shame at what you’ve become but can never hope to change
For those of us
Who don’t live in reality
Follow the guidelines of the once-was
Keep in good sense
The instruction of these fools of mine
Those who never heard
But spoke too much
They keep their heads in buckets full of water
Breathe in all the racket and noise
Of the polluted children of the world
Transpose their mayhem into a sweeter key
Of knowledge’s brilliance
Keep your pessimistic ways about you, heed the projects of the ever-sane
Who never cease

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