The Voice of Fire

April 3, 2018
By someshkarthi BRONZE, Brampton, Ontario
someshkarthi BRONZE, Brampton, Ontario
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1 The night was young and the sky was dark,
2 When the match hissed and let out a spark. 
3 ‘Twas a weak flame, leaving little mark,
4 Yet it was the same flame that burned the park.

5 With that, the fire danced onto the trees,
6 Burning the wood and scaring the fleas
7 Burning down nests and killing the bees
8 Burning dens, sending bears to their knees

9 The fire spoke as if the Devil was speaking
10 “I will bathe in your fear and I will leave you bleeding,”
11 “I will destroy it all and I will leave you screaming” 
12 “I will leave it in ashes and I will leave you weeping”

13 The flame’s wrath was like a hundred blades,
14 Cutting through the wood, leaving it decayed
15 Started as a spark, no one expected its invade
16 Ended as as ashes, left everyone afraid

The author's comments:

This piece was created for a Grade 9 English Course. It raises awareness about the severity of forest fires. 

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