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All these tears

April 11, 2018
By Newell_Pride BRONZE, Lincoln, Maine
Newell_Pride BRONZE, Lincoln, Maine
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All the tears I cried were for you
The 3 am aches
Made my heart a landscape
Of sorrow, heart, and regret
I’d lie in bed at night wishing I was dead

Why did you leave?
Why did you go
Since you’ve been gone
I couldn’t cope
With all the thoughts in my head
The days I spent crying in bed

The days have been wishing to see you
Involves me and 12 other people
The past fogging my brain
My heart trying not to ache with all the thoughts and tears I made.
All of them were for you. Wishing I was there too. Wishing god would give me back you
God would let us have a chance again to see each other
I pray and then wait, the tears come I wish what happened was fake
All these tears make my heart ache
All these tears make my mind hurt
Trying to listen to music but the thought of you stays there
The thought of you in my mind makes me want to cry
Don’t you see this pain that I’m in?
No, Cause I’ve learned well to hide it
Learned from the best
That my heart shouldn’t be on my chest
My heart shouldn’t be in my brain
I learned that I shouldn’t even have a name
I learned that my life was just a game
For you and your little friends to be in
Take my heart, break it, then leave it out in the open.
Destroy my heart, mind and mess up my brain

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