my boyfriend...

April 9, 2009
By Anonymous

He makes me happy
Even if our bodies are far away
But our hearts & mind are there with one another
I talk to him about everything I haven’t talk to any of my ex’s with
He makes everything bad go away when I talk to him his voice so calming & nice
He makes me feel so safe even when he aint around
Is voice makes me feel so not alone
He tells me all the time that I am the one he chooses to spend forever with
No one has told me that without me he doesn’t kno what to do like he does
I don’t kno what I love more about him…is it when he calls me cute names like baby, or hunny, or to hear him tell me he loves me and only me always and forever
My man aint got all the looks
Infact he aint cute at all…
But he has the heart of a golden angel
I would rather have a man with a heart of gold than to look as good as gold and not kno how to treat a woman rite
My man knows how to treat a lady and knows what to say to soffen me up…honestly I don’t kno if I have ever loved any one more or loved anyone as much as I love my boyfriend rite now

The author's comments:
Dedicated to my boyfriend. I love you baby and I just want you to kno that..I ALWAYS WILL AND ONLY YOU BABY!

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