What You Are

March 30, 2018
By Flyawaybird BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
Flyawaybird BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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You are a bird
You just flew away
Are you coming back?
Or are you there to stay?
I am stuck on the ground.
I can’t fly today.

You are a fire
You were left untamed
The fire spread,
Everything was claimed
I am burnt now
I was inflamed

You are a tree,
You were planted, you grew,
The soil was fine,
But the weeds finally got you.
I am alone now,
I am a tree too.

You are a fox,
A creature so cunning.
But you fell into a trap
You couldn’t keep running,
I am amazed
You didn’t see it coming.

You are a warrior,
Someone trained to fight,
You know exactly how to
Make enemies take flight.
But I still want you back,
I want you in my sight.

You are a song,
You are in both places.
You are stuck in my head,
You are among other faces.
I want to see you,
I listen to your traces.

You are a vault,
Still holding lost memories
One day you were stolen
It was carried out cleverly.
I want those memories again,
They were my only treasury.

You are a wish,
A wish for you to return.
You haven’t come back yet,
You’re sparking my concern.
I’ll have my wish,
If I have to take a final turn.

You are a star,
Shining across distant skies,
You are too far away,
To hear my own cries.
What I want can’t be done,
I will never see your eyes

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece in English class, for a project. 

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Homeslice said...
on Apr. 12 at 11:00 pm
Very well written! Beautiful!

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