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To The Graduate

April 2, 2018
By Anonymous

Congratulations graduate

Of two thousand eighteen
You are moving to bigger things in life
This is what I mean
You have been through so much
Crap, drama, heartbreak, and such
I wish you the best life has to offer
With everlasting luck
Though you may be leaving your friends from before
Just make sure to know there will always be more
Life may always be crazy and hazy
But just make sure to not get comfy and lazy
Stay true to your heart, your values, and passions
Believe in yourself, no matter what happens
Follow your heart
No matter what you’re told
Because in the end
It’s your future you hold
At the end of each day remember what’s important
Go live your life
Never leave it dormant
Go live your dreams
Though they may change
If your life has quality
Don’t change a thing
Remember your roots
Remember your manners
Change life's course and do what matters
This is a new beginning, a brand new chapter
A new adventure, a new territory to explore
From when you were a kid to where you are now
This is the moment you've been waiting for
Don't take life too seriously
Enjoy your time and thrive
It's time to make mistakes
It's time to make wrong turns
It's time for us to grow up
Though the reality of life may burn
Make sure to thank those who have helped you
Along this journey of yours
Express your deepest gratitude
Their advice opens new doors
Good luck on the start of your journey
Through this obstacle course of life
I hope your experiences bring you joy
With as little as possible strife
Now you can take a breath
Before you take a leap
Take a bow in your successes
And another in your failing heaps
Grow in your mind, body, and soul
Change your thoughts to reach your goal
Don't give up on what you love
Make it count through push and shove
Good luck on your journey
Always keep the fire burning
Don't wait for someone else to change
Stay strong through the world's derange
Know laughter is life’s greatest cure
Look to those you love if you're not sure
We'll look back on this memory
And see just how powerful we really were

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