A Collection of Words

March 14, 2018

The words could’ve scarred my soul like a desolate, dangerous, dry dagger

People are always saying something

Always attending strictly to talking

Always sitting back to watch what others have to say

Always getting a new line to try on people to see how it will go

I would not prepared for the bad

It would’ve deserved this name

A sense could’ve came from those words

One that did not seem welcoming

Those words could’ve torn into me viciously


Then just like that

The bad became good

I can’t explain

That’s how it was


Their words were trapped in color and dazzled by clarity

Their words were lovely beyond thought

Their words were a perfect grand review 

Their words were a piece of cake

So easy to dig into

So amazing to enjoy

They became a spraying fountain 

An explosion of dazzling jewels

The supremest possibility in art or nature 



Intolerable magnificence 

One cannot make words too strong

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