March 23, 2018
By Bryah BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
Bryah BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
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Black and Educated

we fought for our rights 

to get what was right 

that's why we are the people in the light 


Black and Educated 

Many single African American mom's

going from work to school in the same 24 hours sometimes I wonder how they do it I get so emotional when people criticize them for doing what is right if only they took the time to walk in there shoes


Black and Educated 

The black African American men 

that work so hard for there money they think the man left his family because he's broke but really he's working 3 jobs in the same day just not getting enough pay

Black and Educated 

I feel the need to speak upon  this topic Because this affects my everyday living 

I am black and Educated

The author's comments:

I was really inspired to write about the things that I see going on in the world.

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