March 23, 2018
By TotalPhanTrashMammal BRONZE, Burligton, Kentucky
TotalPhanTrashMammal BRONZE, Burligton, Kentucky
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I’m falling in the sea
Not knowing how to swim
With a ball and chain
I’m drowning in a ocean
Of pain and emotion
Trying to breathe underwater

I’m swimming in the water
In a deep and lonely sea
Giving no emotion
Not knowing where to swim
Drowning in the ocean
With a ball and chain

Can’t get out of these chains
I drink the poisonous water
All the big creatures in the ocean
And the dangerous ones in the sea
Not knowing why I should swim
The creatures fiddle with my emotions

Not knowing how control my emotions
I’m carrying more chains
For tears I shall swim
A great distance of water
Shiny things come from the sea
Dull things come from the ocean

Now I am falling to the bottom of the ocean
With a great deal of pain and emotion
For the ocean is no different from the sea
So, I can’t break away from these chains
For the rough waters
Though, I can still swim

For I can still swim
I am still scared of the ocean
But, I will swim above the water
To get rid of these emotions
To break away these chains
Never going near the sea

Now floating on water
I’m still on the bottom of the ocean
Slowly unlocking the ball and chain

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