Dying Inside

February 24, 2018
By Katelyn Murtha SILVER, Vernon, Connecticut
Katelyn Murtha SILVER, Vernon, Connecticut
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Each breath fills my throat with thorns, I can’t breathe
Each heart beat cracks my lungs, I’m asphyxiating
With every move I take
My bones shudder and creak
Every ounce of life gets pumped out of me when I speak
Maybe it’s why I’m so quiet
My airways are covered in dust
They sit under my skin and rot
My veins are congealed
My blood has coagulated into a clot
My body is a fragment of my imagination
It feels like I’m not here
I sit here
Breathe in and out
You tell me I’m alive and I’m alive and living
I feel like I’m dying inside
And I don’t know
If I want to be resuscitated

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