February 16, 2018
By AlyssaColegrove BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
AlyssaColegrove BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
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Kayla Jacobs has lived a miserable life, she has lost both her parents and her older sister at a young age. When she was fifteen her parents went out of town to see a concert but on their way back something happened and they disappeared for days until their bodys were found at the end of the lake. She lived with her two older siblings Cali and Jordan, Cali was just seventeen while Jordan was 19. Kayla fell into a deep depression, when just three short weeks later Cali was found dead in a hotel room with stab wounds all over her body. Kayla was depressed for months, shed barely eat, sometimes she wouldn't even get out of bed. It wasn't because she didn't want to, she had given up on any chance of happiness although her older brother tried his best he still had a hard time making her happier. That was until a boy came along, he was the star football player, all the girls wanted him because of his bright green eyes and beautiful shiny white teeth. Kayla Jacobs was the only girl who didn't want him, no matter what he did she never wanted to be a part of his life. Malaiki Silvers was the one boy she never wanted to fall in love with. They have went to the same school since the third grade and he's always wanted her attention no matter if it was good or bad he wanted her to look at him, he would pay close attention to anything she said and protect her from any harm that would ever approach her. That was until he was the one unintentionally causing her pain. When kayla was sixteen she began to get closer to malaiki they had become best friends, she would attend every football game for him, they hung out all the time and eventually she began to fall in love with him. When she fell in love with him that meant she fell in love with every bad habit and ever deep secret until one drunken mistake spills all of his secrets.


    “Football game at seven, you’ll be there right?” Malaiki’s voice came out fast and breathlessly.
“Have i missed a game yet?” Kayla spoke back in a sweet tone trying to calm his nerves.
“I just know that it's Cali’s birthday and today’s really hard and i just don't want you to force yourself out of the house because i have a stupid football game” He huffed, rambling before Kayla got the chance to cut him off.
“Hey, hey! Shut up! This game is really important for the entire team i don't care what today is or how sad i've been, I will be at that game, front row cheering you on alright?” Her voice now sounding more southern as she began to raise it at the boy for being stubborn.

“Gosh i love you so much” He mumbled but quickly tried to recoup himself as Kayla’s words got stuck in the back of her throat they had never said that to each other, they had felt it for months but neither had the guts to say it.
    “I love you too” she whispered before hanging up the phone to get ready for the game. That night Malaiki took the team to state scoring the winning point with just five seconds left, after the game, the team decided to celebrate back at Malaiki’s house.

The party lasted for hours, too long for Kayla. She was tired of feeling left out and all she could hear were the drunken slurs of football players “good game Silvers” or the wooo that you can't escape because that's all they were screaming. Kayla has always isolated herself from the rest, her entire life she would separate herself and the rest of the kids, it began to be worse when the tragedies happened in her family forcing her to always want to be alone so it's times like these when she's trying to force herself to socialise, maybe even meet new people despite the fact she's having so much anxiety she can barely speak. She found herself sitting on the dingy sofa in Malaiki’s room alone. She laid back scrolling through her social media patiently waiting for the party to be over, it wasn't long until the music died down and somehow all the voices began to vanish and Malaiki came into the room. He was never a heavy drinker but it seemed like he couldn't even walk straight as he plopped himself down beside her with a sigh.

“Tonight was fun” he spoke laying his head back on the sofa.

“I'm glad you enjoyed it” her voice was quiet almost in a whisper.

“Did you not have fun?” his tone changes as his voice sounded more angry now.

“I just don't like parties Mal you should know this” once again her voice was soft against his “plus today's Cali’s birthday and i'd rather have went to her grave or something not sat around and watched millennials get wasted out of their minds and crash your house”

“Well I am so sorry the world didn't revolve around you today” he spit rolling his eyes.

“I'm sorry are we still on the same topic? My dead sisters birthday is today and you’re trying to make it seem like I said something wrong” she sat up from her lying position now getting angry.

“Well let me apologize that you didn't get what you wanted. This is how it always is, little princess Kayla has to have her way. I don't regret what i did that night, actually im
kind of glad i did it.” his words did nothing but fill Kayla with anger and confusion.

“What did you do?” she spoke softly this time.

“What are you talking about?” his facial expressions dropped almost as if he was scared.

“No, you know what im talking about, you said you’re glad you did it, so what did you do Malaiki?” she slightly raised her voice not enough to be yelling but enough to get her point across.

“I'm not glad I did it K”  He was now looking down at his lap.

“Not glad that you did what?” It began to make her angry that he was holding back information, But it made her more angry that it had to do with her, something that more than likely badly affected her.

“Please drop the subject” he pleaded.

“I will drop it when you tell me” Her stubborn attitude was now overpowering her sweet personality.

“Please, please stop Kayla im doing this for you” His eyes began to water but not for a reason Kayla could know.

“I won't stop until you tell me” she pushed.

“Kayla please promise me you will not hate me when i let this secret out” he took a shaky breath trying to grab her hands.

“I will never hate you Mal but please stop being so secretive” she allowed him to grab her hands as he took another deep breath.

“I killed Cali” he mumbled barely even audible “not only Cali, your parents too”

Kayla slowly pulled her hands away from his, her mouth hanging open, astonished at the words that just left his mouth yet so disgusted it made her nauseous. She stood from the couch not able to catch her breath but she knew she had to leave, she knew this wasn't safe for her.

“No Kayla please wait” he grabbed her arm as she pulled it out of his grasp quickly.

“Do not touch me.” she demanded breaking her silence.

“Please let me explain! Please just listen to me K, I was stupid. I was so stupid i didn't even think about how deeply it would affect you” he pleaded beating her to the door holding it shut so she'd have no choice but to talk to him.

“You didn't think about how deeply it would affect me? Are you insane? Like did you lose your mind Mal? My parents! You killed my parents, in what world is that okay? Where you have to have a reason to explain why you killed someone's parents” she screamed her voice breaking because the only thought that was going through her mind is what he did, the pain he caused to not only her but her siblings.

“I'm calling the police” she grabbed her phone dialing 911 but as soon as the operator answered she hung up. It was almost as if her mind would not let her do it.  He ruined her entire life but for some reason she needed to know why. She closed her eyes for a brief second trying to gather her thoughts before she spoke again.

“I'll give you no more than five minutes to explain why you did what you did”

“Can we sit down to talk about it?” his voice became soft as he pointed to the couch.

“I'm not sitting anywhere start explaining, you've got four minutes left” she crossed her arms impatiently.

“This is so hard i didn't think you'd let me explain” he paused briefly before continuing “When i made that horrible mistake i was stupid and young but i knew if i did that you would need someone and when i did you began to come to me and i started to be the one you always ran to, and it never helped with the fact your dad had a huge impact on the way my dad died”

“He did not have any relation to the way your dad died. He was a construction worker and someone else messed up the machine, my dad did everything he could to try and save your dad” she raised her voice anger taking over her body.

“I was angry that our dads were in the same place at the same time and i lost mine but yours got to come home to you i was jealous K” He looked down, almost as if he was ashamed of himself.

“What about my mom?” her voice was scratchy from her sobbing.

“Thats where the if you didn't have them you'd be vulnerable and need someone and i could be that someone which i was” his bright green eyes began to be dark, almost as if he was about to cry.

As angry and as hurt as she was she wrapped her arms around him pulling his head closer to her shoulder allowing him to cry as she did the same. Malaiki was lost as to why she still cared after the ruthless things he had done to her, he was astonished that she kept her promises on caring for him no matter what was to happen between them.

She put her hand on his back gently rubbing it trying to calm him down as he sobbed into her shoulder tightly holding her. They stayed there for at least ten minutes before Kayla decided it was her time to leave. She grabbed her bag silently leaving his house, she walked to her own home silently. She softly cried the entire walk home until she reached the inside of her door she dropped to the floor loudly sobbing, she laid on the floor trying to catch her breath and calm her racing heart but she couldn't even begin to understand why someone would want to put such heartbreak on her but what she couldn't understand more is why she was still so deeply in love with him that when she seen tears in his eyes her first instinct was to hug him and make sure he was okay but she's the one whos life was completely ruined by a conscious decision he made.


Kayla stopped going to school, she didn't attend another football game she tried her best to not even think about Malaiki but thats all she’d run back to. After weeks of contemplating and planning Kayla decided how she’d receive closure for the first time in years. Cali and her parents would think she had done the right thing by doing the wrong thing. She slipped on her maroon hoodie and black jeans, lacing up her sneakers. The walk to Malaiki’s seemed like the road would never end. As she approached his doorstep she didn't knock, she simply walked in and made her way up the hardwood steps, she stopped on the top step to collect her thoughts and for the last chance evaluate what she was about to do. Her feet led her into his room to look at his sleeping body. She pulled out the black pistol from her bag taking a deep breath.


“I loved you Malaiki Silvers but i loved my family more” she squeezed the trigger ending the life of the most amazing but horrible person she has ever known. Her tears splashed on the hardwood floor as she ran out of the house racing to her home. This time she sat down crying because this time she was the one to take the life.

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think before you act. 

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