The Hidden Side of Love

March 31, 2009
Just when things start to look better
It gets ripped out from under you

You believe that in your eyes things will be perfect again
That things will go back to normal

Then that one moment
Causes it all to be yanked right out from under you

Only to leave you alone
Staring; Thinking; Sitting there again
Flat on your back
and no breath inside of you

The wind is knocked out of you at that moment
The moment you realize things are not normal
They will not be normal

You know what you have to do
You have to let go

Not in the intrest of you
But for another

If you could have it your way
You would have your perfection back

But you can't control the universe

You learn that you are now alone in this world

Left without the one you love with all your heart

But they are happy

and that is truely what you want for them

You would rather be miserable and see them happy
Than for you to be happy and see them miserable

You sacrifice for that person
Allow them to be happy

Even though your now in the dumps of earth
In a hole you feel you won't get out of

Sacrifice is what life is about

Everyone deserves happiness
but you fear more than anything
That you won't find yours without them

They say if you love something let it go
and if it comes back then it was meant to be

The earth is a place of many things
Hurt; Disappointment; Joy; Love; Hate

Those are just the unfortunate things about life

But they always say its just an obstacle
and it will pass

The question everyone wants to know:
Can that be true for every person?

Because one person
At some time in their lives know

That this is something that will not pass
This is something that will stay with me forever

To loose something you have loved so dearly
Treasured; given your all to
To leave....
Is something that will stay with you forever

This is an obstacle
but this will not pass

Is non-exsistant at this moment

But hopefully in the end
You find it

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