you dont know what you havet till you dont

March 31, 2009
By Mariah Carley GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
Mariah Carley GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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'I guess that one saying is right',
My thoughts scream at me,
I'm holding back the tears in each eye,
‘You don’t know what you have
Till you don't have it anymore"' my heart pleads,
Whether it’s a friend, someone closer or your life,
Treat everyday like you might not make it by,
Tell the person you care about most how you feel,
Maybe their feelings could be just as real,
What If you lost your life?
On one unfaithful night,
Would the people you love know your feelings exactly right?
So take it upon yourself to live within the moment,
Make every second of your life well worth it,
Because there’s always that one chance,
That you might not make it through,
And you'd never know if that one person,
Felt the same way about you,

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