March 31, 2009
By Kaitlyn Dickerson BRONZE, Gurdon, Arkansas
Kaitlyn Dickerson BRONZE, Gurdon, Arkansas
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When I came back a different girl
You never noticed how I changed
Because before I went away
You didn’t know how I was arranged
You fell in love with a person you thought you knew
Left her alone and apart you grew
Before you realized something was wrong
You pushed aside who she grew into
In front of your eyes
She came to hate
All she knew, she began to see through
Locked in her room she ignored her fate
Turned away in her misery
Turned astray in the disarray
Down the wrong path she walked until it hurt
So wrapped up you never noticed the fray
Silently she screamed for you
She screamed from shame
From what she did
She screamed from pain
From what she never said
You notice something
You see the tears
Shining like glass as they formed a ring
Around her eyes they shined
Finally one by one they fall
You decide to ask
But it’s later when you call
There is no answer
And later, no reply
You go to find you were to late
Another life chose to die

The author's comments:
This piece is both true and not true. It all happened but the death in the end, but since I love a dramatic ending I added it.

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