Broken Wings

March 31, 2009
I’ve learned that broken wings,
will never get you far.
To the depths of hell you will fall,
when you’ve fallen from a star.

Like a stone in a pond,
the ripples spread out.
Your actions may be sane,
but your heart houses doubt.

Can you stay a moment please,
and hold me close to you?
Keep me trapped within your arms,
while I say how much I’ve missed you.

When all the eyes turn to you,
You want to turn away.
To stone you feel like turning,
the only one who wants you to stay…here…

Would you care to dance with me,
upon this dying plane?
My heart would soar above the clouds,
The human race, left to shame.

The bitterest tears you cry,
upon the graves are shed,
are for deeds left undone,
and for words left unsaid…

…may the odds be EVER in your favor…

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Riverine14 said...
Oct. 13, 2009 at 6:33 pm
Wow, i like your poem. It's really nice. Thanks for commenting and voting on mine. I was surprised you like Lie. It was written a very long time ago, and isn't one of my favorites.
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