March 31, 2009
By Anonymous

Living a life,
that is not really fair.
Living on the line,
but I really don’t care.

Crying every night,
but no one hears.
All the lies and screams,
and all my fears.

Shaking uncontrollably,
no need to stop soon.
It’s the only way to show,
who I am on my own.

The darkness closes in,
making it harder to breathe.
I shudder on the inside,
letting the air slowly release.

My last breathe escapes my lips,
but I don’t struggle or care.
I take it quite well,
because no one would care.

The world was too much,
and I finally gave in.
Death was the option,
that I picked from Satin.

I hope the Lord forgives me,
for I love Him very much.
Somehow I just couldn’t bare it.
It was just way too much.

I lived a life,
that really wasn’t fair.
I lived on the line.
now I’m not there.

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