life as a present

March 31, 2009
Life is like a wrapped present.
You never know what’s inside.
You can shake the box and try to figure it out.
But it is usually something different then you expect.
The box can fool you.
It may be wrapped really nicely with a horrible present inside.

People are also like wrapped presents.
Looking at someone on the outside you can try to figure out what’s on the inside.
But you’ll never fully know.
Sometimes the box is gorgeous.
Neatly wrapped with a bow.
But on the inside the present is not what you expect.
You hate the present but you think you’ll like it because of it’s wrapping paper.
Or maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

As life goes on you learn that nothing is ever what it seems.
When you open the box, you are always surprised to find something else.
If you keep opening your boxes, eventually you’ll find one you’re pleasantly surprised by.
So keep getting up no matter who knocks you down.
Keep pushing forward no matter who is trying to hold you back.
Don’t fear your future or cry for your past.
Live for the present.
Because every sixty seconds you cry for is a minute of laughter you’ll never get back.

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