March 30, 2009
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There was a time, I think
Long long ago
When I was really me
Not now
Now I am hidden
Under masks of people I once wanted to be
Not now
Now I resent those masks
Each layer
Something else that shelters me
From what I could be
Should be
I want to be that child again
Not a care in the world
I want to know
That I can go out in the world
Bare and naked
Only my soul
Visible to the watchers
I want to know that soul is good enough
That those watchers will not turn away in disgust
That is, I think
The reason I built those masks
I was afraid
I still am
But now I am brave
I would face the fear
But the masks will not come off
Not fully
Not now

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doni.gatto said...
Aug. 29, 2012 at 3:45 am
loved the poem. a wonderful way to describe who we are as humans. but in some cases the masks are the only reason to leave your room without fear. even after i have left my room i sometimes like to wear one of my masks (an actual mask ). usually its the black one with peacock feathers. cause only then do i stop being afraid of people
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