Let's Not Die

February 24, 2018
By KevnReg. BRONZE, New York, New York
KevnReg. BRONZE, New York, New York
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I want to stop everything
I’ll continue to deny that
They’ll ever care, but
it’s a lie that
I am loved and cared for by someone out there
I am right because
Maybe someday,
Someone should see if I care
Someone will remember me as that awful, boring loner
That will happen at least when I’m dead!
Wonderful liers say
They care for me but
I don’t think that
I’ll be someone who matters anyway
They’ll break me
But no longer can they say
That I care
They’ll see
That I’m hated
You’d be stupid to think
I’d wait that long for them.
Thank goodness this poem reads backward.

The author's comments:

Sometimes Life isn't fun, and I was too lazy to write a story about it, so I wrote a poem. I hope you enjoy.

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