It only hurts

March 30, 2009
By ToriA. PLATINUM, Columbus, Indiana
ToriA. PLATINUM, Columbus, Indiana
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No nothing’s wrong,
Why do you ask?
Is it my sad face,
The same face you see
Day in and day out?
Are you forgetting what you’ve done?
How you’ve hurt my heart?
It only hurts,
I’ll get over it, just give me time.
Wasn’t that what you said
When you asked out Diane?
‘Just give her time’?
Were those not the words you used?
It’ll only hurt,
But I’ll get over it.
Do you know how wrong you were?
The wound, though I’ll get used to it,
Will always be there.
The pain of it will always hold me back.
But it only hurts right?
The wound sears white-hot when I hear your name,
And widens when I see your face.
But that’s okay
’cause it only hurts right?

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