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February 20, 2018
By Joshua Corsiglia BRONZE, Oakdale, California
Joshua Corsiglia BRONZE, Oakdale, California
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A poem should be writing that is enjoyable
What’s the fun if you are not able

To express yourself in every way
To write from dawn to midday.

A poem should grab the reader’s attention
You should make it fun like I mentioned,

What’s the point of a poem if you can’t have fun with it
You can either write a lot of just a little bit,

It is all your choice so don’t throw a fit
Don’t be afraid, step up to the plate and get a hit.

A poem should have its ups and downs
It should be filled with funny things like balloons and clowns,

Or about a bunch of kittens and hounds who take over towns
But should include something sad like an animal who drowns.

A poem should be a reflection of your feelings and concerns
The thing on your heart that continuously burns,

The feeling that you have to tell the whole world about
Without a doubt.

A poem should mess with the reader’s mind
And fill them with clues they have to find,

Make it hard like a trail that is 75 degrees inclined
But then make it easy and understandable just to be kind.

A poem should be about anything you desire
So reach higher and make your poem fire.

The author's comments:

Kellan inspired me.

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