The Stalk

February 20, 2018
By GuyPerson BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
GuyPerson BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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The ring of the phone
The tick of the clock
Sends shivers down my bones
The monotonous tick tock
I rise from my chair
And pick up the phone
My hairs raise
At the voices tone
It is an eerie voice
With a raspy talk
He tells me to leave
And take a walk
The voice tells me to turn
And take a right at the ally
I feel a sharp pierce
With terrifying agony
I fall to the floor
My head hitting the ground
Then I see not a thing
Or hear not a sound
I wake up in a chair
With a knife in my leg
I turn to the wall
And see a man with a keg
He picks it up
And walks straight to me
Then I start to faint
Because I can’t breathe

The author's comments:

I thought I should make this a creepy poem

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