February 22, 2018
By DMinder BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
DMinder BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
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You ever feel like your life is the worst?
Your parents don’t give you what you want.
You’ve had a bad day at work.
You got pulled over for speeding.
Those all suck.
But is your life really the worst?
Think about that family that lives paycheck to paycheck.
Think about the homeless that have nowhere to rest.
Think about that little boy or girl that hasn’t been adopted.
She thinks to herself, “Why didn’t they chose me?”
“Was I not good enough?”
“Why did my parents not want me in the first place?”
Feel her pain.
Think her thoughts.
Live her life.
Think about the people that have no family left.
They all left,
They couldn’t function as a family.
Think about the third world.
Sickness runs deep.
You find out you’re not going to get to eat today,
Or the next day,
Maybe not even the day after that.
Think about yourself.
How do you compare?
Is your life worse than that?
At least you have a roof over your head.
At least you have clothes on your back.
At least you can eat everyday.
At least you have family.
At least you can live everyday normally.
At least appreciate what you have rather than bring the attention away from those who need it.

The author's comments:

I hope that people will realize that some of the hardships that people go through are far worse than what some of us go through. Life is tough and obstacles are going to be present in life. But some people find themselves in far more critical situations than what we find ourselves in on a daily life. Instead of griping about how bad your life is, think about those other people.

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